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Protein microarray technology: Assisting personalized medicine in oncology (Review)

Monica Neagu, Marinela Bostan, Carolina Constantin

Published online on: June 12, 2019
Open Access

Mutation allele‑specific multiplex PCR for the detection of BRAFV600E mutations in breast carcinomas

Rafiqa Eachkoti, Sanah Farooq, Ruby Reshi, Muneeb U. Rehman, Tabassum Rashid, Nisar Ahmed Naikoo, Shajurul Amin, Akbar Masood

Published online on: June 6, 2019
Open Access

Benefits of using probiotics as adjuvants in anticancer therapy (Review)

Silvia Vivarelli, Luca Falzone, Maria Sofia Basile, Daria Nicolosi, Carlo Genovese, Massimo Libra, Mario Salmeri

Published online on: June 3, 2019