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Male patient with metastatic stage IV breast cancer achieves complete remission on second line Abemaciclib, Fulvestrant and Leuprolide: A case report

Damien Hansra, Shirelle Jackson, Judy Sequeira, Rajendra Vazirani, Ricardo Alvarez

Pages: 120-125 Published online on: 29 November 2019

Bee pollen and honey for the alleviation of hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms in breast cancer patients

Karsten Münstedt, Benjamin Voss, Uwe Kullmer, Ursula Schneider, Jutta Hübner

Pages: 869-874 Published online on: 04 May 2015
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Immunohistochemical mismatch repair proteins expression as a tool to predict the melanoma immunotherapy response

Giovanni Ponti, Giovanni Pellacani, Aldo Tomasi, Roberta Depenni, Monia Maccaferri, Antonio Maiorana, Giulia Orsi, Francesca Giusti, Stefano Cascinu, Marco Manfredini

Pages: 3-8 Published online on: 07 November 2019
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Eliminating microscopic lymph node metastasis by performing pelvic lymph node dissection during radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer

Nobuki Furubayashi, Takahito Negishi, Tomoharu Uozumi, Kouichi Shiraishi, Kenichi Taguchi, Mototsugu Shimokawa, Motonobu Nakamura

Pages: 104-110 Published online on: 13 December 2019

Muscle wasting associated with the long-term use of mTOR inhibitors

Bishal Gyawali, Tomoya Shimokata, Kazunori Honda, Chihiro Kondoh, Naomi Hayashi, Yasushi Yoshino, Naoto Sassa, Yasuyuki Nakano, Momokazu Gotoh, Yuichi Ando

Pages: 641-646 Published online on: 13 September 2016
Journal Cover

February 2020
Volume 12 Issue 2

Print ISSN: 2049-9450
Online ISSN: 2049-9469

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