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Leuprorelin acetate affects adhesion molecule expression in human prostate cancer cells

Cristiana Angelucci, Gina Lama, Fortunata Iacopino, Gigliola Sica

Pages: 1501-1509 Published online on: 06 April 2011

Nuclear receptor CAR-regulated expression of the FAM84A gene during the development of mouse liver tumors

Hiroki Kamino, Yuichi Yamazaki, Kosuke Saito, Daichi Takizawa, Satoru Kakizaki, Rick Moore, Masahiko Negishi

Pages: 1511-1520 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Role of aquaporin-4 in the regulation of migration and invasion of human glioma cells

Ting Ding, Yongjie Ma, Wenliang Li, Xiaoli Liu, Guoguang Ying, Li Fu, Feng Gu

Pages: 1521-1531 Published online on: 21 March 2011

Crude phenolic extracts from extra virgin olive oil circumvent de novo breast cancer resistance to HER1/HER2-targeting drugs by inducing GADD45-sensed cellular stress, G2/M arrest and hyperacetylation of Histone H3

Cristina Oliveras-Ferraros, Salvador Fernández-Arroyo, Alejandro Vazquez-Martin, Jesús Lozano-Sánchez, Sílvia Cufí, Jorge Joven, Vicente Micol, Alberto Fernández-Gutiérrez, Antonio Segura-Carretero, Javier A. Menendez

Pages: 1533-1547 Published online on: 30 March 2011

Pancratistatin induces apoptosis and autophagy in metastatic prostate cancer cells

Carly Griffin, James McNulty, Siyaram Pandey

Pages: 1549-1556 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Clinical significance of expression of Hint1 and potential epigenetic mechanism in gastric cancer

Huaying Huang, Xiaowei Wei, Xianwei Su, Fengchang Qiao, Zhi Xu, Dongying Gu, Hong Fan, Jinfei Chen

Pages: 1557-1564 Published online on: 04 April 2011

Mechanisms of the apoptosis induced by CD176 antibody in human leukemic cells

Bin Yi, Min Zhang, Reinhard Schwartz-Albiez, Yi Cao

Pages: 1565-1573 Published online on: 30 March 2011

Frequent somatic demethylation of RAPGEF1/C3G intronic sequences in gastrointestinal and gynecological cancer

Johanna Samuelsson, Sergio Alonso, Tatiana Ruiz-Larroya, Tak Hong Cheung, Yick Fu Wong, Manuel Perucho

Pages: 1575-1577 Published online on: 11 March 2011

VEGF-A not Ang2 mediates endothelial-like differentiation of immature DCs by ERK1/2 signaling in the microenvironment of human colon adenocarcinoma

Jing Lu, Kangdong Liu, Jimin Zhao, Jun Zhao, Junfen Ma, Hongyan Yang, Youtian Huang, Zhenzhu Qin, Ruihua Bai, Lili Jiang , Fengshou Lv, Pei Li, Wenhai Yan, Mingyao Zhao, Ziming Dong

Pages: 1579-1588 Published online on: 29 March 2011

Effects of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DR engagement on melanoma cells

Giovanna Barbieri, Emilio Rimini, Maria Assunta Costa

Pages: 1589-1595 Published online on: 29 March 2011

The novel resveratrol analog HS-1793-induced polyploid LNCaP prostate cancer cells are vulnerable to downregulation of Bcl-xL

Na Young Jeong, Young Geol Yoon, Jee Hyun Rho, Jee Suk Lee, Sang Yeob Lee, Ki  Soo Yoo, Suhee Song, Hongsuk Suh, Yung Hyun Choi, Young Hyun Yoo

Pages: 1597-1604 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Diallyl sulfide induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in HeLa human cervical cancer cells through the p53, caspase- and mitochondria-dependent pathways

Ping-Ping Wu, Hui-Wen Chung, Kuo-Ching Liu, Rick Sai-Chuen Wu, Jai-Sing Yang, Nou-Ying Tang, Chyi Lo, Te-Chun Hsia, Chien-Chih Yu, Fu-Shin Chueh, Song-Shei Lin, Jing-Gung Chung

Pages: 1605-1613 Published online on: 17 March 2011

α3β1 integrin promotes radiation-induced migration of meningioma cells

Venkateswara Rao Gogineni, Arun Kumar Nalla, Reshu Gupta, Meena  Gujrati, Jeffrey D. Klopfenstein, Sanjeeva Mohanam, Jasti S. Rao

Pages: 1615-1624 Published online on: 29 March 2011

p120-catenin isoform 3 regulates subcellular localization of Kaiso and promotes invasion in lung cancer cells via a phosphorylation-dependent mechanism

Peng-Xin Zhang, Yan Wang, Yang Liu, Gui-Yang Jiang, Qing-Chang Li, En-Hua Wang

Pages: 1625-1635 Published online on: 04 April 2011

STAT3-targeting RNA interference inhibits pancreatic cancer angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo

Chen Huang, Tao Jiang, Lin Zhu, Jun Liu, Jun  Cao, Ke-Jian Huang, Zheng-Jun Qiu

Pages: 1637-1644 Published online on: 08 April 2011

Identification of ETS-1 target genes in human fibroblasts

Jens Claus Hahne, Ali Fuat Okuducu, Tanja Fuchs, Alexandra Florin, Nicolas Wernert

Pages: 1645-1652 Published online on: 21 March 2011

A demethylating agent enhances chemosensitivity to vinblastine in a xenograft model of renal cell carcinoma

Hiroki Iwata, Hiromi Sato, Rina Suzuki, Ryota Yamada, Saki Ichinomiya, Midori  Yanagihara, Hiroyuki Okabe, Yuko Sekine, Tomohiro Yano, Koichi Ueno

Pages: 1653-1661 Published online on: 06 April 2011

IGF gene polymorphisms and breast cancer in African-American and Hispanic women

Marianna Sarkissyan, Dhruva Kumar Mishra, Yanyuan Wu, Xiying Shang, Suren Sarkissyan, Jaydutt V. Vadgama

Pages: 1663-1673 Published online on: 30 March 2011
Open Access

Suppression of growth and invasive behavior of human prostate cancer cells by ProstaCaidTM: Mechanism of activity

Jiahua Jiang, Isaac Eliaz, Daniel Sliva

Pages: 1675-1682 Published online on: 04 April 2011
Open Access

The anti-CD20 mAb LFB-R603 interrupts the dysregulated NF-κB/Snail/RKIP/PTEN resistance loop in B-NHL cells: Role in sensitization to TRAIL apoptosis

Stavroula Baritaki, Loredana Militello, Graziella Malaponte, Demetrios A. Spandidos, Margarita Salcedo, Benjamin Bonavida

Pages: 1683-1694 Published online on: 23 March 2011

Inhibition of the p38 MAPK pathway sensitises human colon cancer cells to 5-fluorouracil treatment

Shi Yu Yang, Anur Miah, Kevin M. Sales, Barry Fuller, Alexander M. Seifalian, Marc Winslet

Pages: 1695-1702 Published online on: 21 March 2011

Deleterious MnSOD signals lead to abnormal breast cell proliferation by radiation and estrogen exposure

Carlos Echiburú-Chau, Debasish Roy, Gloria M. Calaf

Pages: 1703-1711 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Epigenetic regulation of proMMP-1 expression in the HT1080 human fibrosarcoma cell line

Mathilde Poplineau, Jean Dufer, Frank Antonicelli, Aurelie Trussardi-Regnier

Pages: 1713-1718 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Targeting of IL-2 and GM-CSF immunocytokines to a tumor vaccine leads to increased anti-tumor activity

Philippe Fournier, Maximilian Aigner, Volker Schirrmacher

Pages: 1719-1729 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Expression of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF/CCN2) in breast cancer cells is associated with increased migration and angiogenesis

Wenwen Chien, James O'Kelly, Daning Lu, Amanda Leiter, Julia Sohn, Dong  Yin, Beth Karlan, Jay Vadgama, Karen M. Lyons, H. Phillip Koeffler

Pages: 1741-1747 Published online on: 23 March 2011

Tumor vaccine composed of CpG ODN class C and irradiated tumor cells up-regulates the expression of genes characteristic of mature dendritic cells and of memory cells

Petra Cerkovnik, Barbara Jezersek Novakovic, Vida Stegel, Srdjan Novakovic

Pages: 1749-1758 Published online on: 17 March 2011

Opposite regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and cell invasiveness by periostin between prostate and bladder cancer cells

Chul Jang Kim, Kanami Sakamoto, Yukihiro Tambe, Hirokazu Inoue

Pages: 1759-1766 Published online on: 05 April 2011
Open Access

[Corrigendum] Temozolomide-induced modification of the CXC chemokine network in experimental gliomas

Céline Bruyère, Tatjana Mijatovic, Caroline Lonez, Sabine Spiegl-Kreinecker, Walter Berger, Richard Kast, Jean-Marie Ruysschaert, Robert Kiss, Florence Lefranc

Pages: 1767-1767 Published online on: 09 December 2013
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June 2011
Volume 38 Issue 6

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