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An evolutionary model for initiation, promotion, and progression in carcinogenesis

T. L. Vincent, R. A. Gatenby

Pages: 729-737 Published online on: 01 April 2008

The systemic administration of lethal toxin achieves a growth delay of human melanoma and neuroblastoma xenografts: Assessment of receptor contribution

Cecile Rouleau, Krishna Menon, Paula Boutin, Cheryl Guyre, Hitoshi Yoshida, Shiro Kataoka, Michael Perricone, Srinivas Shankara, Arthur E. Frankel, Nicholas S. Duesbery, George Vande Woude, Hans-Peter Biemann, Beverly A. Teicher

Pages: 739-748 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Single chain fragment anti-heparan sulfate antibody targets the polyamine transport system and attenuates polyamine-dependent cell proliferation

Johanna E. Welch, Per Bengtson, Katrin Svensson, Anders Wittrup, Guido J. Jenniskens, Gerdy B. Ten Dam, Toin H. Van Kuppevelt, Mattias Belting

Pages: 749-756 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Matrix metalloproteinase-1 promotes prostate tumor growth and metastasis

Sai Murali Krishna Pulukuri, Jasti S. Rao

Pages: 757-765 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Expression of cutaneous fatty acid-binding protein (C-FABP) in prostate cancer: Potential prognostic marker and target for tumourigenicity-suppression

Elwin A. Morgan, Shiva S. Forootan, Janet Adamson, Christopher S. Foster, Hiroshi Fujii, Michihiro Igarashi, Carol Beesley, Paul H. Smith, Youqiang Ke

Pages: 767-775 Published online on: 01 April 2008

An effective tumor vaccine optimized for costimulation via bispecific and trispecific fusion proteins

Maximilian Aigner, Markus Janke, Maria Lulei, Philipp Beckhove, Philippe Fournier, Volker Schirrmacher

Pages: 777-789 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Localization of FAK is related with colorectal carcinogenesis

Toshihiro Murata, Yoshio Naomoto, Tomoki Yamatsuji, Takaomi Okawa, Yasuhiro Shirakawa, Mehmet Gunduz, Tetsuji Nobuhisa, Munenori Takaoka, Mehmet Sirmali, Motowo Nakajima, Yuko Ohno, Noriaki Tanaka

Pages: 791-796 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Alterations in human breast cancer adhesion-motility in response to changes in cell surface glycoproteins displaying α-L-fucose moieties

Kun Yuan, Dennis Kucik, Raj K. Singh, Catherine M. Listinsky, Jay J. Listinsky, Gene P. Siegal

Pages: 797-807 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Gene alterations by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ agonists in human colorectal cancer cells

Maria Cekanova, Joshua S. Yuan, Xiuoon Li, Kyubo Kim, Seung Joon Baek

Pages: 809-819 Published online on: 01 April 2008

HDAC inhibitors effectively induce cell type-specific differentiation in human glioblastoma cell lines of different origin

Irina Svechnikova, Per M. Almqvist, Tomas J. Ekström

Pages: 821-827 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Potentiation of cytotoxicity by combination of imatinib and chlorimipramine in glioma

Ayhan Bilir, Mine Erguven, Gulperi Oktem, Aysegul Ozdemir, Atilla Uslu, Esin Aktas, Benjamin Bonavida

Pages: 829-839 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Purified salograviolide a isolated from centaurea ainetensis causes growth inhibition and apoptosis in neoplastic epidermal cells

Akram Ghantous, Ahmad Abou Tayyoun, Ghada Abou Lteif, Najat A. Saliba, Hala Gali-Muhtasib, Marwan El-Sabban, Nadine Darwiche

Pages: 841-849 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Hyperthermia switches glucose depletion-induced necrosis to apoptosis in A549 lung adenocarcinoma cells

Song Iy Han, Hong-Quan Duong, Jeong Eun Choi, Tae-Bum Lee, Cho Hee Kim, Su Yeon Lee, Hyun Min Jeon, Sung-Heui Shin, Sung-Chul Lim, Ho Sung Kang

Pages: 851-860 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Kinetics and subcellular localization of 5-ALA-induced PpIX in DHL cells via two-photon excitation fluorescence microscopy

Rong Chen, Zufang Huang, Guannan Chen, Yongzeng Li, Xianlian Chen, Jianxin Chen, Haishan Zeng

Pages: 861-867 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Induction of apoptosis by thiosulfinates in primary human prostate cancer cells

So-Yeon Kim, Kyoung-Wuk Park, Jae-Yong Kim, Mi-Yae Shon, Sung-Tae Yee, Kee-Hong Kim, Johng S. Rhim, Koji Yamada, Kwon-Il Seo

Pages: 869-875 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Functional analysis of NKX3.1 in LNCaP prostate cancer cells by RNA interference

Maria Possner, Markus Heuser, Silke Kaulfuss, Jens-Gerd Scharf, Wolfgang Schulz, Rolf Hermann-Ringert, Paul Thelen

Pages: 877-884 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Hemoglobin-associated proteins isolated from blood serum of Ehrlich carcinoma-bearing mice

F. V. Donenko, S. M. Sitdikova, A. V. Syrtsev, A. T. Gradyushko, M. V. Kiselevsky, M. V. Serebryakova, T. Efferth

Pages: 885-893 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Theranostic proteomic profiling of cyclins, cyclin dependent kinases and Ras in human cancer cell lines is dependent on p53 mutational status

Hilmar M. Warenius, Laurence Seabra, Lito Kyritsi, Ros White, Roisin Dormer, Shanez Anandappa, Carole Thomas, Amanda Howarth

Pages: 895-907 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Growth associated proteins in tumor cells and stroma related to disease progression of colon cancer accounting for tumor tissue PGE2 content

Christian Cahlin, Christina Lönnroth, Annette Arvidsson, Svante Nordgren, Kent Lundholm

Pages: 909-918 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Finasteride induces apoptosis via Bcl-2, Bcl-xL, Bax and caspase-3 proteins in LNCaP human prostate cancer cell line

Jesús M. Golbano, Pilar Lóppez-Aparicio, María N. Recio, Miguel A. Pérez-Albarsanz

Pages: 919-924 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Biodistribution and efficacy of [131I]A33scFv::CDy, a recombinant antibody-enzyme protein for colon cancer

Hossein Panjideh, Vania Casimiro Da Silva Coelho, Jens Dernedde, Christopher Bachran, Gregor J. Förster, Jürgen Franke, Patricia Fasold, Hendrik Fuchs, Eckhard Thiel, P. Markus Deckert

Pages: 925-930 Published online on: 01 April 2008

Alleviation of the drug-resistant phenotype in idarubicin and cytosine arabinoside double-resistant acute myeloid leukemia cells by indomethacin

Ju Han Song, Seung Hyun Kim, Hyeoung-Joon Kim, Seung Yong Hwang, Tae Sung Kim

Pages: 931-936 Published online on: 01 April 2008
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April 2008
Volume 32 Issue 4

Print ISSN: 1019-6439
Online ISSN: 1791-2423

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