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Molecular characterization of breast cancer cell lines by a low-density microarray

Francoise De Longueville, Marc Lacroix, Anna-Maria Barbuto, Vincent Bertholet, Dominique Gallo, Denis Larsimont, Laurence Marcq, Nathalie Zammatteo, Sophie Boffe, Guy Leclercq, Jose Remacle

Pages: 881-892 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Combined treatment of leukemia cells with vitamin K2 and 1α,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 enhances monocytic differentiation along with becoming resistant to apoptosis by induction of cytoplasmic p21CIP1

Tomotaka Iguchi, Keisuke Miyazawa, Minoru Asada, Akihiko Gotoh, Shuki Mizutani, Kazuma Ohyashiki

Pages: 893-900 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Efficacy of oncolytic reovirus against liver metastasis from pancreatic cancer in immunocompetent models

Yoshihisa Himeno, Tsuyoshi Etoh, Toshifumi Matsumoto, Masayuki Ohta, Akira Nishizono, Seigo Kitano

Pages: 901-906 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The inhibitory effect and possible mechanisms of D-allose on cancer cell proliferation

Li Sui, Youyi Dong, Yasuo Watanabe, Fuminori Yamaguchi, Naoya Hatano, Ikuko Tsukamoto, Ken Izumori, Masaaki Tokuda

Pages: 907-912 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The effects of non-selective, preferential-selective and selective COX-inhibitors on the growth of experimental and human tumors in mice related to prostanoid receptors

Christian Cahlin, Johan Gelin, Marianne Andersson, Christina Lönnroth, Kent Lundholm

Pages: 913-923 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Global genomic changes induced by two-stage carcinogen exposure are precancerous alterations in non-transformed human liver epithelial THLE-3 cells

K. Inomata, A. Oga, S. Kawauchi, T. Furuya, K. Sasaki

Pages: 925-931 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The role of T-fimbrin in the response to DNA damage: Silencing of T-fimbrin by small interfering RNA sensitizes human liver cancer cells to DNA-damaging agents

Hiroshi Ikeda, Yasushi Sasaki, Toshihisa Kobayashi, Hiromu Suzuki, Hiroaki Mita, Minoru Toyota, Fumio Itoh, Yasuhisa Shinomura, Takashi Tokino, Kohzoh Imai

Pages: 933-940 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Enhancement of TPA-induced growth inhibition and apoptosis in myeloid leukemia cells by BAY 11-7082, an NF-κB inhibitor

Annette Hansson, Yarí E. Marín, Junghan Suh, Arnold B. Rabson, Suzie Chen, Eliezer Huberman, Richard L. Chang, Allan H. Conney, Xi Zheng

Pages: 941-948 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Wnt pathway component LEF1 mediates tumor cell invasion and is expressed in human and murine breast cancers lacking ErbB2 (her-2/neu) overexpression

Anthony Nguyen, Andrea Rosner, Tatjana Milovanovic, Christopher Hope, Kestutis Planutis, Baisakhi Saha, Benjaporn Chaiwun, Fritz Lin, S. Ashraf Imam, J. Lawrence Marsh, Randall F. Holcombe

Pages: 949-956 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Expression of mucin core proteins, trefoil factors, APC and p21 in subsets of colorectal polyps and cancers suggests a distinct pathway of pathogenesis of mucinous carcinoma of the colorectum

Dong Hoon Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Joong Hyeon Cho, Sun Heum Baek, Sanjay Kakar, Grace E. Kim, Marvin H. Sleisenger, Young S. Kim

Pages: 957-964 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Magnetically labeled human natural killer cells, accumulated in vitro by an external magnetic force, are effective against HOS osteosarcoma cells

Yuko Nakashima, Masataka Deie, Shinobu Yanada, Patrick Sharman, Mitsuo Ochi

Pages: 965-971 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Immunohistochemical and mutational analyses of Wnt signaling components and target genes in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas

Noriaki Tokumoto, Satoshi Ikeda, Yasuyo Ishizaki, Takeshi Kurihara, Shinji Ozaki, Masahiko Iseki, Yosuke Shimizu, Toshiyuki Itamoto, Koji Arihiro, Masazumi Okajima, Toshimasa Asahara

Pages: 973-980 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Parathyroid hormone-related protein as a common target molecule in specific immunotherapy for a wide variety of tumor types

Yoshimi Arima, Satoko Matsueda, Hirohisa Yano, Mamoru Harada, Kyogo Itoh

Pages: 981-988 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The usefulness of 1.5 harmonic imaging ultrasonography with Levovist in the diagnosis of focal hepatic tumors

Kouji Yamamoto, Katsuya Shiraki, Shigeo Nakanishi, Hiroyuki Fuke, Akira Hashimoto, Atsuya Shimizu, Takeshi Nakano

Pages: 989-995 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Trefoil factor family mRNA and protein expression in pterygium

Pierre-Olivier Lafontaine, Murielle Arnal, Nelly Buron, Eric Solary, Alain M. Bron, Bruce R. Westley, Felicity E.B. May, Jacques Bara, Christian Gespach, Catherine Creuzot-Garcher

Pages: 997-1003 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Comparison of extracellular matrix and apoptotic markers between benign lesions and carcinomas in human breast

Fortunata Vasaturo, Elvira Sallusti, Angela Gradilone, Carolina Malacrino, Tiziana Nardo, Grazia Avagnano, Anna Maria Aglianò, Teresa Granato, Bruno De Vincenzi, Giuseppe Coppotelli, Antonella Marzullo, Giuseppe Soda, Lucilla Simonelli, Mauro Modesti, Susanna Scarpa

Pages: 1005-1011 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The role of actin in the apoptotic cell death of P19 embryonal carcinoma cells

Jakub Neradil, Renata Veselská, Augustin Svoboda

Pages: 1013-1021 Published online on: 01 October 2005

RAS mutations are uncommon in multiple myeloma and other monoclonal gammopathies

Paloma Martín, Almudena Santón, Mónica García-Cosío, Carmen Bellas

Pages: 1023-1028 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Increased malignant behavior in neuroblastoma cells with acquired multi-drug resistance does not depend on P-gp expression

Rouslan Kotchetkov, Pablo Hernáiz Driever, Jaroslav Cinatl, Martin Michaelis, Jana Karaskova, Roman Blaheta, Jeremy A. Squire, Andreas Von Deimling, Jussi Moog, Jindrich Cinatl

Pages: 1029-1037 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Interleukin-2 and 13-cis retinoic acid as maintenance therapy in advanced ovarian cancer

Francesco Recchia, Gaetano Saggio, Alisia Cesta, Giampiero Candeloro, Antonio Nuzzo, Marco Lombardo, Gaspare Carta, Silvio Rea

Pages: 1039-1046 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Proteasome inhibition improves fractionated radiation treatment against non-small cell lung cancer: An antioxidant connection

Kristopher Ray Grimes, Chotiros Daosukho, Yunfeng Zhao, Ali Meigooni, William St. Clair

Pages: 1047-1052 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Long-term regression of the murine mammary adenocarcinoma, LM3, by repeated photodynamic treatments using meso-tetra (4-N-methylpyridinium) porphine

Lucas L. Colombo, Silvia I. Vanzulli, Angeles Villanueva, Magdalena Cañete, Angeles Juarranz, Juan C. Stockert

Pages: 1053-1059 Published online on: 01 October 2005

In vitro inhibition of matriptase prevents invasive growth of cell lines of prostate and colon carcinoma

Diana Förbs, Stefan Thiel, Maria C. Stella, Anne Stürzebecher, Andrea Schweinitz, Torsten Steinmetzer, Jörg Stürzebecher, Kerstin Uhland

Pages: 1061-1070 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Bovine seminal ribonuclease is cytotoxic for both malignant and normal telomerase-positive cells

Maria Viola, Massimo Libra, Daniela Callari, Fulvia Sinatra, Daniele Spada, Davide Noto, Giovanni Emmanuele, Fabrizio Romano, Maurizio Averna, Franca Maria Pezzino, Franca Stivala, Salvatore Travali

Pages: 1071-1077 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Analyses of autoantibodies against tumor-associated antigens in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Takashi Himoto, Shigeki Kuriyama, Jian-Ying Zhang, Edward K.L. Chan, Yasuhiko Kimura, Tsutomu Masaki, Naohito Uchida, Mikio Nishioka, Eng M. Tan

Pages: 1079-1085 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The cooperative transforming effects of PAX3-FKHR and IGF-II on mouse myoblasts

W. Wang, M. Slevin, S. Kumar, P. Kumar

Pages: 1087-1096 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Anti-proliferative activity of haloperidol in B16 mouse and human SK-MEL-28 melanoma cell lines

Jardena Nordenberg, Israela Perlmutter, Gad Lavie, Einat Beery, Orit Uziel, Chaya Morgenstern, Eyal Fenig, Abraham Weizman

Pages: 1097-1103 Published online on: 01 October 2005

The cachectic mediator proteolysis inducing factor activates NF-κB and STAT3 in human Kupffer cells and monocytes

Tammy M. Watchorn, Nabil Dowidar, Cornelis H.C. Dejong, Ian D. Waddell, O. James Garden, James A. Ross

Pages: 1105-1111 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Old and new insights into the mechanisms of action of two nucleoside analogs active in lymphoid malignancies: fludarabine and cladribine (Review)

Eric Van Den Neste, Sabine Cardoen, Fritz Offner, Françoise Bontemps

Pages: 1113-1124 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Combination therapy for advanced pancreatic cancer using Herceptin™ plus chemotherapy

Peter Büchler, Howard A. Reber, Guido Eibl, Mendel A. Roth, Markus W. Büchler, Helmut Friess, William H. Isacoff, Oscar J. Hines

Pages: 1125-1130 Published online on: 01 October 2005

2-Chloroethyl-3-sarcosinamide-1-nitrosourea (SarCNU) exhibits p53-dependent and -independent antiproliferative activity in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo

T. H. Nguyen, C. K. Ong, E. Wong, C. T. Leong, L. Panasci, H. Huynh

Pages: 1131-1140 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Tumor-immune memory T cells from the bone marrow exert GvL without GvH reactivity in advanced metastasized cancer

Volker Schirrmacher, Philipp Beckhove, Carmen Choi, Andreas Griesbach, Yolanda Mahnke

Pages: 1141-1149 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Distinct expression of Survivin splice variants in breast carcinomas

Frédérique Vegran, Romain Boidot, Claire Oudin, Jean-Marc Riedinger, Sarab Lizard-Nacol

Pages: 1151-1157 Published online on: 01 October 2005

Non-anti-coagulant heparins: A promising approach for prevention of tumor metastasis (Review)

Michael Kragh, Frosty Loechel

Pages: 1159-1167 Published online on: 01 October 2005
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October 2005
Volume 27 Issue 4

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