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Normal ras genes: Their onco-suppressor and pro-apoptotic functions (Review)

D. A. Spandidos, G. Sourvinos, C. Tsatsanis, A. Zafiropoulos

Pages: 237-241 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Association of p53 mutations, microvessel density and neoangiogenesis in pairs of colorectal cancers and corresponding liver metastases

A. Kern, H. Taubert, J. Scheele, C. Rudroff, H. Mothes, M. Kappler, F. Bartel, K. K. Richter

Pages: 243-249 Published online on: 01 August 2002

TNF-α gene and proton radiotherapy in an orthotopic brain tumor model

D. S. Gridley, J. R. Baer, J. D. Cao, G. M. Miller, D. W. Kim, T. M. Timiryasova, I. Fodor, J. M. Slater

Pages: 251-259 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Tissue-specific regulation of Fas/APO-1/CD95 expression by p53

Paulo Lin, Jason A. Bush, K-John J. Cheung, Gang Li

Pages: 261-264 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Expression of telomerase genes in thyroid carcinoma

Cuong Hoang-Vu, Carsten Boltze, Oliver Gimm, Christopher Poremba, Barbara Dockhorn-Dworniczak, Josef Kohrle, Friedrich-Wilhelm Rath, Henning Dralle

Pages: 265-272 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Expression of the potential novel gene E6DG1 downregulated by the E6 protein of human papillomavirus type 16 is correlated with anchorage-independent growth

Seiichiro Sakao, Tomohiro Hashimoto, Yuji Shino, Takeshi Saito, Satoshi Kado, Hiroshi Sashiyama, Koichiro Tatsumi, Takayuki Kuriyama, Hiroshi Shirasawa

Pages: 273-279 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Expression of platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor/thymidine phosphorylase in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Shigeyuki Isaka, Keisuke Sawai, Mari Tomiie, Shoji Kamiura, Masayasu Koyama, Chihiro Azuma, Shingo Ishiguro, Yuji Murata, Fumitaka Saji

Pages: 281-287 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Differential changes in purine nucleotides after Doxorubicin treatment of human cancer cells in vitro

Stefan Walenta, Barbara Feigk, Ines Wachsmuth, Torsten Dunkern, Hadassa Degani, Wolfgang Mueller-Klieser

Pages: 289-296 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Prevalence of microsatellite instability, inactivation of mismatch repair genes, p53 mutation, and human papillomavirus infection in Korean oral cancer patients

K.-H. Shin, K.-H. Park, H.-J. Hong, J.-M. Kim, J.-E. Oh, P.-H. Choung, B.-M. Min

Pages: 297-302 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Efficacy and safety of FdUMP[10] in treatment of HT-29 human colon cancer xenografts

Changnian Liu, Mark Willingham, Jinqian Liu, William H. Gmeiner

Pages: 303-308 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Role of retinoblastoma protein and E2F-1 transcription factor in the acquisition of 5-fluorouracil resistance by colon cancer cells

Kazutaka Obama, Michiyuki Kanai, Yasuhiro Kawai, Masakazu Fukushima, Arimichi Takabayashi

Pages: 309-314 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Survivin expression and its correlation with cell proliferation and prognosis in epithelial ovarian tumors

Li Sui, Youyi Dong, Masayuki Ohno, Yasuo Watanabe, Katsuyoshi Sugimoto, Masaaki Tokuda

Pages: 315-320 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Fusion of RDC1 with HMGA2 in lipomas as the result of chromosome aberrations involving 2q35-37 and 12q13-15

Karin Broberg, Miao Zhang, Bodil Strombeck, Margareth Isaksson, Malin Nilsson, Fredrik Mertens, Nils Mandahl, Ioannis Panagopoulos

Pages: 321-326 Published online on: 01 August 2002

IGFBP-3 mediates p53-induced apoptosis during serum starvation

Adda Grimberg, Bingrong Liu, Peter Bannerman, Wafik S. El-Deiry, Pinchas Cohen

Pages: 327-335 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Radiation-induced effects in unirradiated cells: A review and implications in cancer

Zelanna Goldberg, Bruce E. Lehnert

Pages: 337-349 Published online on: 01 August 2002

7-Hydroxystaurosporine (UCN-01) and ionizing radiation combine to inhibit the growth of Bcl-2-overexpressing U937 leukemia cells through a non-apoptotic mechanism

Leanne Cartee, Heidi Sankala, Christine Davis, Rebecca Smith, Sonia Maggio, Peck-Sun Lin, Paul Dent, Steven Grant

Pages: 351-359 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Pemetrexed disodium combined with oxaliplatin, SN38, or 5-fluorouracil, based on the quantitation of drug interactions in human HT29 colon cancer cells

Eric Raymond, Christophe Louvet, Christophe Tournigand, Anne Marie Coudray, Sandrine Faivre, Aimery De Gramont, Christian Gespach

Pages: 361-367 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Consensus statements from the Second International Lung Cancer Molecular Biomarkers Workshop: A European strategy for developing lung cancer molecular diagnostics in high risk populations

J. K. Field, C. Brambilla, N. Caporaso, A. Flahault, C. Henschke, J. Herman, F. Hirsch, P. Lachmann, S. Lam, S. Maier, L. M. Montuenga, J. Mulshine, M. Murphy, J. Pullen, M. Spitz, M. Tockman, R. Tyndale, I. Wistuba, J. Youngson

Pages: 369-373 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Oxytocin modulates estrogen receptor α expression and function in MCF7 human breast cancer cells

Paola Cassoni, Maria G. Catalano, Anna Sapino, Tiziana Marrocco, Annamaria Fazzari, Gianni Bussolati, Nicoletta Fortunati

Pages: 375-378 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Curcumin inhibits cell cycle progression of immortalized human umbilical vein endothelial (ECV304) cells by up-regulating cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, p21WAF1/CIP1, p27KIP1 and p53

Myung-Jin Park, Eun-Hee Kim, In-Chul Park, Hyung-Chan Lee, Sang-Hyeok Woo, Jae-Young Lee, Young-Joon Hong, Chang Hun Rhee, Seung-Hoon Choi, Bum-Sang Shim, Seung-Hoon Lee, Seok-Il Hong

Pages: 379-383 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Resistance of MCF-7 cells to dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-induced apoptosis is due to reduced CYP1A1 expression

H. P. Ciolino, M. Dankwah, G. C. Yeh

Pages: 385-391 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Involvement of reactive oxygen species in aclarubicin-induced differentiation and invasiveness of HL-60 leukemia cells

Doriane Richard, Patrick Hollender, Benoit Chenais

Pages: 393-399 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Mutational status of overexpressed p16 in head and neck cancer: evidence for germline mutation of p16/p14ARF

J. C. Lang, J. Borchers, D. Danahey, S. Smith, D. G. Stover, A. Agrawal, J. P. Malone, D. E. Schuller, C. M. Weghorst, A. J. Holinga, K. Lingam, C. R. Patel, B. Esham

Pages: 401-408 Published online on: 01 August 2002

P53 mutations in colorectal cancer assessed in both genomic DNA and cDNA as compared to the presence of p53 LOH

Ann Forslund, Ulf Kressner, Christina Lonnroth, Marianne Andersson, Gudrun Lindmark, Kent Lundholm

Pages: 409-415 Published online on: 01 August 2002

In vitro pharmacological characterizations of the anti-angiogenic and anti-tumor cell migration properties mediated by microtubule-affecting drugs, with special emphasis on the organization of the actin cytoskeleton

Caroline Hayot, Sophie Farinelle, Robert De Decker, Christine Decaestecker, Francis Darro, Robert Kiss, Marc Van Damme

Pages: 417-425 Published online on: 01 August 2002

Long-term outcomes of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization with autologous blood clot for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

T. Gunji, N. Kawauchi, M. Akahane, K. Watanabe, H. Kanamori, S. Ohnishi

Pages: 427-432 Published online on: 01 August 2002

CYFRA 21-1 is released in TNF-α-induced apoptosis in the hepatocellular carcinoma cell line HuH-7

Fei Wu, Jiro Fujita, Masayuki Murota, Jia-Qing Li, Toshihiko Ishida, Mikio Nishioka, Yuji Imaida, Shigeki Kuriyama

Pages: 441-445 Published online on: 01 August 2002

DNA content and cell number determination in microdissected samples of breast carcinoma in situ

Robert Blumenstein, Margarida Dias, Irma H. Russo, Quivo Tahin, Jose Russo

Pages: 447-450 Published online on: 01 August 2002
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