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Quantitative and qualitative in vivo angiogenesis assay

M. F. McCarty, C. H. Baker, C. D. Bucana, I. J. Fidler

Pages: 5-10 Published online on: 01 July 2002

EGFR antisense treatment of human HNSCC cell lines down-regulates VEGF expression and endothelial cell migration

Frank Riedel, Karl Gotte, Mengfeng Li, Karl Hormann, Jennifer Rubin Grandis

Pages: 11-16 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Establishment of a new human synovial sarcoma cell line, FU-SY-1, that expresses c-Met receptor and its ligand hepatocyte growth factor

J. Nishio, H. Iwasaki, M. Ishiguro, Y. Ohjimi, C. Fujita, T. Isayama, M. Naito, Y. Oda, Y. Kaneko, M. Kikuchi

Pages: 17-23 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Tumor cell specific expression of MMP-2 correlates with tumor vascularisation in breast cancer

Valentin Djonov, Nicola Cresto, Daniel M. Aebersold, Peter H. Burri, Hans Jorg Altermatt, Miriana Hristic, Gilles Berclaz, Andrew Ziemiecki, Anne-Catherine Andres

Pages: 25-30 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Human cytomegalovirus in neoplastic cells of Epstein-Barr virus negative Hodgkin's disease

Gaosheng Huang, Qingguo Yan, Zhe Wang, Xiequn Chen, Xiaohui Zhang, Ying Guo, Jian Jian Li

Pages: 31-36 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Thiazolidinedione, a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ ligand, modulates the E-cadherin/β-catenin system in a human pancreatic cancer cell line, BxPC-3

T. Ohta, A. Elnemr, M. Yamamoto, I. Ninomiya, S. Fushida, G.-I. Nishimura, T. Fujimura, H. Kitagawa, M. Kayahara, K. Shimizu, S. Yi, K. Miwa

Pages: 37-42 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Expression of p16, p27, p53, p73 and Nup88 proteins in matched primary and metastatic melanoma cells

H. Zhang, J. Schneider, I. Rosdahl

Pages: 43-48 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Effect of As2O3 on cell cycle progression and cyclins D1 and B1 expression in two glioblastoma cell lines differing in p53 status

Shiguang Zhao, Takahiro Tsuchida, Katsuhiro Kawakami, Changbin Shi, Keiji Kawamoto

Pages: 49-55 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Arsenic trioxide induces apoptosis through a reactive oxygen species-dependent pathway and loss of mitochondrial membrane potential in HeLa cells

Sang Hyeok Woo, In-Chul Park, Myung-Jin Park, Hyung-Chahn Lee, Su-Jae Lee, Yong-Jin Chun, Seung-Hoon Lee, Seok-Il Hong, Chang Hun Rhee

Pages: 57-63 Published online on: 01 July 2002

GEM 231, a second-generation antisense agent complementary to protein kinase A RIα subunit, potentiates antitumor activity of irinotecan in human colon, pancreas, prostate and lung cancer xenografts

Sudhir Agrawal, Ekambar R. Kandimalla, Dong Yu, Robin Ball, Gina Lombardi, Terri Lucas, Daniel L. Dexter, Beth A. Hollister, Shih-Fong Chen

Pages: 65-72 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Ribozyme mediated suppression of vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression enhances matrix metalloproteinase 1 expression in a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line

Junichiro Kamochi, Tetsuji Tokunaga, Fumitoshi Morino, Junko Nagata, Yasushi Tomii, Yoshiyuki Abe, Hiroyuki Hatanaka, Hiroshi Kijima, Hitoshi Yamazaki, Norihito Watanabe, Shohei Matsuzaki, Yoshito Ueyama, Masato Nakamura

Pages: 81-84 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor (roscovitine) suppresses growth and induces apoptosis by regulating Bcl-x in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells

Mariko Mihara, Satoru Shintani, Akihisa Kiyota, Tomohiro Matsumura, David T.W. Wong

Pages: 95-101 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Effects of hyperglycemia on oxygenation, radiosensitivity and bioenergetic status of subcutaneous RIF-1 tumors

L. Nadal-Desbarats, H. Poptani, P. Oprysko, W. T. Jenkins, T. M. Busch, D. S. Nelson, J. D. Glickson, C. J. Koch, S. M. Evans

Pages: 103-110 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Reduced response of prostate cancer cells to TRAIL is modulated by NFκB-mediated inhibition of caspases and Bid activation

Manal A. Eid, Ronald W. Lewis, Asim B. Abdel-Mageed, M. Vijay Kumar

Pages: 111-117 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Dysfunction of the p53 tumor suppressor pathway in head and neck cancer

M. O. Hoque, H. Kawamata, K.-I. Nakashiro, F. Omotehara, S. Hino, D. Uchida, K. Harada, N.-M. Begum, H. Yoshida, M. Sato, T. Fujimori

Pages: 119-126 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Preventive efficacy of receptor class selective retinoids on HER-2/neu oncogene expressing preneoplastic human mammary epithelial cells

H. Jinno, M. G. Steiner, K. Nason-Burchenal, M. P. Osborne, N. T. Telang

Pages: 127-134 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Dominant-negative E-cadherin alters adhesion and reverses contact inhibition of growth in breast carcinoma cells

Ioannis S. Vizirianakis, Yao-Qi Chen, Seema S. Kantak, Asterios S. Tsiftsoglou, Randall H. Kramer

Pages: 135-144 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Transformed cell-derived reactive oxygen species support and inhibit nitric oxide-mediated apoptosis induction

Kathrin Haberstroh, Stefanie Heigold, Georg Bauer

Pages: 145-151 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Beta-adrenergic and arachidonic acid-mediated growth regulation of human breast cancer cell lines

Y. Cakir, H. K. Plummer, P. K. Tithof, H. M. Schuller

Pages: 153-157 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Rapid in vivo assay for topical oral cancer chemopreventive agents

K. Shabany, P.-C. Chiu, A. Raghian, K.-W. Chang, D. B. Solt

Pages: 159-164 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Cell death: Apoptosis versus necrosis (Review)

D. Kanduc, A. Mittelman, R. Serpico, E. Sinigaglia, A. A. Sinha, C. Natale, R. Santacroce, M. G. Di Corcia, A. Lucchese, L. Dini, P. Pani, S. Santacroce, S. Simone, R. Bucci, E. Farber

Pages: 165-170 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Role of cyclinT/Cdk9 complex in basal and regulated transcription (Review)

Giuliana Napolitano, Barbara Majello, Luigi Lania

Pages: 171-177 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Epithelial ovarian cancer: Second and third line chemotherapy (Review)

A. Latorre, M. De Lena, A. Catino, E. Crucitta, D. Sambiasi, M. Guida, A. Misino, V. Lorusso

Pages: 179-186 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Identification of pyrogallol as an antiproliferative compound present in extracts from the medicinal plant Emblica officinalis: Effects on in vitro cell growth of human tumor cell lines

Mahmud T.H. Khan, Ilaria Lampronti, Dino Martello, Nicoletta Bianchi, Shaila Jabbar, M. S.K. Choudhuri, B. K. Datta, Roberto Gambari

Pages: 187-192 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Expression of ST7R (ST7-like, ST7L) in normal tissues and cancer

Hiroyuki Kirikoshi, Masaru Katoh

Pages: 193-196 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Csk homologous kinase associates with RAFTK/Pyk2 in breast cancer cells and negatively regulates its activation and breast cancer cell migration

Gina D. McShan, Radoslaw Zagozdzon, Shin-Young Park, Sheila Zrihan-Licht, Yigong Fu, Shalom Avraham, Hava Avraham

Pages: 197-205 Published online on: 01 July 2002

Ciprofloxacin inhibits cell growth and synergises the effect of etoposide in hormone resistant prostate cancer cells

Basil F. El-Rayes, Robert Grignon, Naveed Aslam, Olivia Aranha, Fazlul H. Sarkar

Pages: 207-211 Published online on: 01 July 2002

CD95/CD95 ligand-independent potentiation of treosulfan cytotoxicity by BSO in malignant glioma cells in vitro and in vivo

W. Wick, J. Stock, J. Seyfried, J. Baumgart, U. Wullner, M. Weller

Pages: 213-220 Published online on: 01 July 2002
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