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The neuroprotective roles of BDNF in hypoxic ischemic brain injury (Review)

Ai Chen, Li-Jing Xiong, Yu Tong, Meng Mao

Pages: 167-176 Published online on: 14 December 2012
Open Access

Role of oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Wen‑Juan Huang, Xia Zhang, Wei‑Wei Chen

Pages: 519-522 Published online on: 15 March 2016

Effects of apoptosis‑related proteins caspase‑3, Bax and Bcl‑2 on cerebral ischemia rats

Guangyi Liu, Tao Wang, Tinging Wang, Jinming Song, Zhen Zhou

Pages: 861-867 Published online on: 29 July 2013

Soy isoflavone: The multipurpose phytochemical (Review)

Qinglu Wang, Xiaoyue Ge, Xuewen Tian, Yujun Zhang, Jie Zhang, Pingping Zhang

Pages: 697-701 Published online on: 03 June 2013

Mesenchymal stem cells in the tumor microenvironment (Review)

Jian Guan, Jie Chen

Pages: 517-521 Published online on: 10 May 2013
Open Access

Ventricular anti-arrhythmic effects of heptanol in hypokalaemic, Langendorff-perfused mouse hearts

Gary Tse, Vivian Tse, Jie Ming Yeo

Pages: 313-324 Published online on: 21 January 2016

Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer molecular signatures and therapeutic potentials (Review)

Mei Hong Zhang, Hong Tao Man, Xiao Dan Zhao, Ni Dong, Shi Liang Ma

Pages: 41-52 Published online on: 25 October 2013

Serum microRNAs: A new diagnostic method for colorectal cancer (Review)

Yi Yang, Xiaodong Gu, Minwei Zhou, Jianbin Xiang, Zongyou Chen

Pages: 495-498 Published online on: 20 May 2013

TNF inhibitor therapy for rheumatoid arthritis (Review)

Xixi Ma, Shengqian Xu

Pages: 177-184 Published online on: 29 November 2012
Open Access

Rho/Rock cross‑talks with transforming growth factor‑β/Smad pathway participates in lung fibroblast‑myofibroblast differentiation

Hong Ji, Haiying Tang, Hongli Lin, Jingwei Mao, Lili Gao, Jia Liu, Taihua Wu

Pages: 787-792 Published online on: 31 July 2014

Metformin in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A systematic review and meta‑analysis

Yan Li, Lei Liu, Bin Wang, Jun Wang, Dongfeng Chen

Pages: 57-64 Published online on: 09 October 2012

Endocan: A new marker for cancer and a target for cancer therapy (Review)

Jinghui Yang, Qiwei Yang, Shan Yu, Xuewen Zhang

Pages: 279-283 Published online on: 26 February 2015

miR‑101 inhibits cell proliferation by targeting Rac1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma

Xiaojie Lin, Hongyu Guan, Hai Li, Liehua Liu, Juan Liu, Guohong Wei, Zhimin Huang, Zhihong Liao, Yanbing Li

Pages: 122-126 Published online on: 31 October 2013

Occupational exposure and risk of breast cancer (Review)

Concettina Fenga

Pages: 282-292 Published online on: 21 January 2016

Cell-penetrating peptides: Possible transduction mechanisms and therapeutic applications (Review)

Zhengrong Guo, Huanyan Peng, Jiwen Kang, Dianxing Sun

Pages: 528-534 Published online on: 23 March 2016

Aged black garlic extract inhibits Ht29 colon cancer cell growth via the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway

Menghua Dong, Guiqing Yang, Hanchen Liu, Xiaoxu Liu, Sixiang Lin, Dongning Sun, Yishan Wang

Pages: 250-254 Published online on: 20 January 2014

DNA methylation as an early diagnostic marker of cancer (Review)

Yuanyuan Dong, Haiyang Zhao, Haiyan Li, Xiaokun Li, Shulin Yang

Pages: 326-330 Published online on: 14 February 2014

Epigenetic modifications in human thyroid cancer (Review)

Bita Faam, Mohammad Ali Ghaffari, Ata Ghadiri, Fereidoun Azizi

Pages: 3-8 Published online on: 03 November 2014

Endoplasmic reticulum stress mediates nitric oxide-induced chondrocyte apoptosis

Koji Takada, Jun Hirose, Soichiro Yamabe, Yushuke Uehara, Hiroshi Mizuta

Pages: 315-319 Published online on: 03 January 2013
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