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Potential role of bromelain in clinical and therapeutic applications (Review)

Vidhya Rathnavelu, Noorjahan Banu Alitheen, Subramaniam Sohila, Samikannu Kanagesan, Rajendran Ramesh

Pages: 283-288 Published online on: 18 July 2016
Open Access

Role of oxidative stress in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Wen‑Juan Huang, Xia Zhang, Wei‑Wei Chen

Pages: 519-522 Published online on: 15 March 2016
Open Access

Non‑pathogenic microflora of a spring water with regenerative properties

Giovanni Nicoletti, Marta Corbella, Omar Jaber, Piero Marone, Daniele Scevola, Angela Faga

Pages: 758-762 Published online on: 24 August 2015
Open Access

Role of physical exercise in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Wei‑Wei Chen, Xia Zhang, Wen‑Juan Huang

Pages: 403-407 Published online on: 22 February 2016

Cardiovascular characteristics of chronic fatigue syndrome

Sara Bozzini, Andrea Albergati, Enrica Capelli, Lorenzo Lorusso, Carmine Gazzaruso, Gabriele Pelissero, Colomba Falcone

Pages: 26-30 Published online on: 28 November 2017

Drug development: Lessons from nature (Review)

Sunil Mathur, Clare Hoskins

Pages: 612-614 Published online on: 09 May 2017

Personalized medicine could transform healthcare (Review)

Sunil Mathur, Joseph Sutton

Pages: 3-5 Published online on: 02 June 2017

Prostate cancer markers: An update (Review)

Srinivas Pentyala, Terry Whyard, Sahana Pentyala, John Muller, John Pfail, Sunjit Parmar, Carlos G. Helguero, Sardar Khan

Pages: 263-268 Published online on: 29 January 2016

Prevalence of hepatitis C in people who inject drugs in the cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan

Yasir Waheed, Muzammil Hasan Najmi, Hafsa Aziz, Hasnain Waheed, Muhammad Imran, Sher Zaman Safi

Pages: 263-266 Published online on: 01 August 2017

Intake of kale suppresses postprandial increases in plasma glucose: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study

Sumio Kondo, Asahi Suzuki, Mihoko Kurokawa, Keiji Hasumi

Pages: 553-558 Published online on: 29 September 2016

Role of amyloid β protein receptors in mediating synaptic plasticity (Review)

Yu Li, Zhongqing Sun, Qiaoyu Cao, Meiwan Chen, Huanmin Luo, Xi Lin, Fei Xiao

Pages: 379-386 Published online on: 21 February 2017
Open Access

Advances in glucose metabolism research in colorectal cancer (Review)

Sitian Fang, Xiao Fang

Pages: 289-295 Published online on: 18 July 2016

Drug‑loaded nano‑microcapsules delivery system mediated by ultrasound‑targeted microbubble destruction: A promising therapy method (Review)

Jing Ma, Lian Fang Du, Ming Chen, Hang Hui Wang, Ling Xi Xing, Li Fang Jing, Yun Hua Li

Pages: 506-510 Published online on: 21 May 2013

TNF inhibitor therapy for rheumatoid arthritis (Review)

Xixi Ma, Shengqian Xu

Pages: 177-184 Published online on: 29 November 2012
Open Access

Pathophysiology of microwave-induced traumatic brain injury

Yutaka Igarashi, Yoko Matsuda, Akira Fuse, Toshiyuki Ishiwata, Zenya Naito, Hiroyuki Yokota

Pages: 468-472 Published online on: 29 April 2015

Intake of phytic acid and myo-inositol lowers hepatic lipogenic gene expression and modulates gut microbiota in rats fed a high-sucrose diet

Yukako Okazaki, Ayaka Sekita, Tetsuyuki Katayama

Pages: 466-474 Published online on: 16 March 2018

From Saccharomyces cerevisiae to human: The important gene co‑expression modules

Wei Liu, Li Li, Hua Ye, Haiwei Chen, Weibiao Shen, Yuexian Zhong, Tian Tian, Huaqin He

Pages: 153-158 Published online on: 06 July 2017
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